Both Sides of the Street

This month Cheryl and her date have a shared interest in creative endeavors which brings them together but his exceptionally youthful appearance and his exceptionally heavy cannabis intake pushes them apart. During the course of their dates he generously helps talk Cheryl through some race related dating issues. 

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Bye Bye Bi

Exploring your boundaries of sexual attraction while on a date can be a little unnerving but checking in with yourself to affirm or expand your orientation can be healthy. This month Ira and Cheryl have a Tinder matched couple come into the studio.  Listen in as they all discuss their dates and explore what happens when one woman tests the waters of heterosexual dating.   

Debunking Myths About Sexual Fluidity

Ash Fisher (Comedian)
Heart and Dagger Saloon

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Shades of Black and White

Navigating interracial dating can be complex. The month Cheryl has a series of dates with a black, Puerto Rican man. As a newly dating, mixed race couple it's hard to see if the issues are plain compatibility or complicated cultural and economic issues. This Date Talk Cheryl and Ira try to unravel where the attraction went wrong and why. 


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Interracial Dating Statistics
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Trans-(ditional) Dating

It's a new world order for dating.  Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual....where is the attraction?  Is it fluid, static?  This Date Talk Cheryl goes for a coffee date with a transgender woman (MtF) and learns to navigate past her own ingrained stereotypes to find a few realities about the world. Ira and Cheryl prove it's never too late to get a clue.


How common is Intersex condition at birth?:

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Burning Bridges

You never know when you might want a second chance.  In dating it always pays to bow out politely.  Never burn a bridge even if you think you won't need it.  Ira interviews one of Cheryl's dates who tries, not once but twice, to rekindle an interest but stubbornly Cheryl is not giving any second chances when the initial date was handled, albeit unintentionally, without thought to her feelings. Date Talk the best in information and comedy!


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**** Cheryl's personal disclaimer- "I've never changed my online dating profile name"

Vexing Texting

Ira interviews Cheryl's recent date who texts with tenacity.  How much texting is appropriate for each stage of dating?  Do detailed text questions promote dialog or create a pressure for an answer?  What amount of texting feels comfortable?  Can texting styles make or break a brand new relationship?  The best of information and comedy!  

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You Need Fuel for a Fire

Cheryl and Ira talk dating applications and sparking romance.  How do people fan the flames to make a date sizzle?  What unwittingly douses the potential heat in the dating process? Will Cheryl ever be able to get her dates from interested to inflamed? The best of information and comedy!  

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Blind Date

Cheryl discusses with Ira a recent blind date.  How do people decide two friends should meet and date?  How does meeting a person you know nothing about change the dynamics of the dating process?  Do our friends know us better than we know ourselves and have the insider track on who we should date?  Or are our friends as fickle as we are? 

The best of information and comedy!  

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Date Talk Live

Cheryl and Ira host a live audience for the stage version of Date Talk. They dissect a first date between Cheryl and a San Francisco, single, entrepreneurial man. 
Does wealth have a place in attracting a partner? Is entitlement a thing in dating?  Join the fun as the audience participates and questions fly about herpes,
high-rise apartment living and circumcision.  The best of information and comedy.

Recorded at The Purple Onion at Kells

Millenium Towers

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RN74 Restaurant

Brainwash Restaurant, Laundromat and Comedy

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Date Talk : Ghosting

Date Chat : Dating Photo

Date Chat's co-hosts, Cheryl and Ira, discuss dating photos. Does your OkCupid profile photo show just your abs, guys?  Or your Tinder photo have no body shot, ladies? Everybody wants to see your eyes on Match! What's the worst you've seen?

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Good Selfies, How To:

Date Chat: Nod and Wave

On Date Chat this week.... Ira and Cheryl discuss the manners and dating etiquette involved with seeing past dates out and about.  Should we acknowledge each other?  Or walk on by?  Isn't it just good manners to say "hi" or at least nod and wave?

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Date Chat: Where to?

This week on Date Chat ......Ira takes charge of dating ideas.  Do
women want men to direct the activity ideas?  Make suggestions or give
choices?  Or would women rather pick the first date spot?  Is that a
man's "job"?  Ira and Cheryl discusses the possibiities.  Join the
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