Sherrie Vail, Change Your Mind - Change Your Mouth

Sherrie discusses how personal responsibility, defining who you are and what drives you each day can create the happiness you desire and experience in life.

Sherrie Vail was one who never followed the crowd! In 1987, while still in her 20s, she embarked upon a career as an entrepreneur and opened her first hair salon
in downtown San Jose, California. She soon discovered that she had a  unique skill, a gift if you will, to be able to connect with her clients at a core level and
make them feel important, cared for and above all “beautiful.” Her business boomed! Sherrie wanted to push herself further and after 17 years  she sold her
salon and opened her second business creating one-of-a-kind  “wine and gift” baskets for her clients. Her wonderful energy and positive attitude were
the “keys” she discovered to her newfound success with her  clients. However she didn’t stop there! She combined her talent as a hairstylist with her fashion
expertise and opened her current business, “US Studio” where “fashionistas” come from all over to look and dress more polished, exude vibrant energy and
feel like a million bucks!