Form Destroyer #37 (11/3/15):

Trepaneringsritualen – “Castrate Christ” – Perfection & Permanence (Cold Spring Records)
SPK – “Suture Obsession” – Information Overload Unit (Side Effects; re-issue on Mute)
The Cathode Terror Secretion – “Purifier” – Spectre Of Historys Design (RRRecords)
Sewer Goddess – “Awaiting Identification” – Mutilation Process (Graceless Recordings)
Failing Lights – “Untitled” – Hunting Ethic (Gods Of Tundra)
Explosive Improvised Device – “Forest Of Disappearing Boys” – Machete And Fire (Hospital Productions)
Black Dice – “Trip Dude Delay” – Miles Of Smiles (DFA Records)
Lea Bertucci – “Harmonic Rising” – v/a: Magnetic Detrius (Imminent Frequencies)
Dog Lady Island – “Untitled” – Dolor Aria (Alien Passengers)
Graveyards – “Untitled” – Fryday Night At The Hideout (Tapeworm Tapes)
Idea Fire Company – “Lost At Sea I” – Lost At Sea (Recital)
Jenny Graf – “Untitled” – split with Zaimph (Utmarken)
Forcefield – “Untitled” – Lord Of The Rings Modulator (Bulb Records)
Mouthus – “Untitled” – Untitled (No Fun Productions)
Fluorescent Vibes – “Untitled” – The Weight Of The Clouds (Baked Tapes)


Form Destroyer #36 (10/20/15):

Caldera Lakes – “Untitled” – Live At Odgen Theater (DOKURO)
Pseudo Code – “Fascination” – Remains To Be Heard Vol. 1 (Insane Music; re-issue on EE Tapes)
Deviation Social – “All Men Of Lidice” – v/a: Vita Nova International (Vita Nova)/ Compilation Tracks 1982-85 "From End To Beginning" Vol. 1 (Dais Records)
Hunting Lodge – “Will” – Will (S/M Operations; re-issue on Dais Records)
Einsturzende Neubauten – “Tanz Debil” – Kollaps (Zickzack; re-issue on Potomak)
Prurient – “Back Cuts” – Black Vase (Load Records)
Shallow Waters – “Let’s Eat” – IV (self-released)
Controlled Bleeding – “Dry Lung” – Shanked And Slithering (Hospital Productions)
Ramleh – “Emaciator” – Onslaught (Iphar)/Awake! (Broken Flag; re-issue on Harbinger Sound)
Mauthausen Orchestra – “Untitled” – Conflict (Aquilifer Society; re-issue on Urashima)
Atrax Morgue – “Nekroskopik Examination” – Black Slaughter (Slaughter Productions; re-issue on Urashima)
AMK – “Residue” – Residue/Scrape (Kinky Music Institute; re-issue on Palemoon Productions/Whiteness And Pinkness)
Carlos Giffoni – “Untitled” – Zamuro (Important Records)
Bob Bellerue – “Live from Phi Phenomena 9/17/11, El Dirt” – Fine Phenomena (Robert & Leopold)
Collapsed Arc – “Man Made Diamond” – In Cursive (Imminent Frequencies)


Form Destroyer #35 (10/6/15):

Richard Kamerman – “Part 1, Twenty-Four Sycamores (Pt. 2)” – None For The Money (Copy For Your Records)
Dave Phillips – “Untitled” – Kelelawar (Banned Production)
Jason Zeh – “Cycles Of Doubt” – A Vacant Lot To Be In (Crippled Intellect Productions)
Bonnie Jones – “Autumn To Autumn” – v/a: Clandestine Cassette Series #2 (Northern Spy Records)
Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet – “Because The Night” – Air Supply (Erstwhile Records)
Remnants – “The Process” – The Process (Worthless Recordings)
Birchville Cat Motel – “Her Anger Is Limitless” – Birds Call Home Their Dead (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Ashtray Navigations – “The Whirlpool What Was” – Sweet Iron Feet (Chocolate Monk)
Jazzfinger – “Legs In The River” – Grief To Grind The Fire (Blackest Rainbow)
Daniel Menche – “Untitled” – Flaming Tongues (Blossoming Noise)
16 Bitch Pile-Up – “Untitled” – Live At Skylab (Little Miracles)

Photo via jasonzeh.blogspot.com




Form Destroyer #34 (9/15/15):

Le Syndicat – “Dead Vulva” – v/a: Sexorama Vol. 3 (ZSF Produkt)/Timespace Losses 1982/1987 (Monochrome Vision)
Factrix & Monte Cazazza – “Final Days” – California Babylon (Subterranean Records; re-issue on Superior Viaduct)
Âmes Sanglantes – “Five Closed Gates” – Chindia Tower Impalements (Hospital Productions)
Brighter Death Now – “No Pain” – Innerwar (Cold Meat Industry/Release Entertainment)
Con-Dom – “Get Right With God I” – Have Faith (split with Nails Of Christ with AMK) (Broken Flag)/Have Complete Faith (Unrest Productions)
Halflings – “Peepholes II/Gut” - Live In Lowell (Collapsed Hole)
Incapacitants – “Necrosis” – As Loud As Possible (Zabriskie Point)
Throbbing Gristle – “Slam” – Dimensia In Excelsis (Tesco Organisation/Dossier)
Cabaret Voltaire – “Heaven And Hell” – Mix Up (Rough Trade; re-issue on Mute)
Severed Heads – “Lower Than The Grave” – Blubberknife (Terse Tapes; re-issue on Sevcom)
Lussuria – “Mondala (The Smell Of Power)” – Scarlet Locust Of These Columns (Hospital Productions)
Pharmakon – “Intent Or Instinct” – Bestial Burden (Sacred Bones Records)
Crown Of Cerberus – “Untitled” – As She Wipes The Blood Away From My Dying Hand (Crown Tapes)


Form Destroyer #33 (9/1/15):

Klinik – “Sick In Your Mind” – Bruxelles, Halles Scherbeek 30/5/87 (not on label)
Witches Of Malibu – “Breaking The Normals” – Witches Of Malibu (Kitty Play Records)
Skullflower – “Nailed To The Stars” – Pure Imperial Reform (Turgid Animal Records)
Yellow Swans – “Untitled” – Live During War Crimes #3 (Release The Bats)
Fennesz – “Saffron Revolution” – Black Sea (Touch)
Fripp & Eno – “Evening Star” – Evening Star (Island Records; re-issue on Opal/Discipline Global Mobile)
Grisha Shakhnes – “Counterpoint” – All This Trouble For Nothing (Glistening Examples)
Olivia Block – “Aberration Of Light” – Aberration Of Light (NNA Tapes)
Chris Brown – “Insect Love” – Master Switch: Electroacoustic Music 1978-81 (Insignificant Records)
Christina Kubisch – “Magnetic Flights” – Magnetic Flights (Important Records)
Marcus Schmickler – “Palace Of Marvels” – Palace Of Marvels (Queered Pitch) (Editions Mego)
Andrew Kirschner – “I Will See You Again” – Lil Mac (White Reeves Productions)

Noise, drone, industrial, and other avant concerns.

Form Destroyer #32 (8/4/15)

MSHR – “Terraforming Hyper-Shape” – Nesting Face (MSHR Media)
Sick Llama – “Untitled” – Once Believed (Fag Tapes)
Nautical Almanac – “Sun White Blues” – Untitled (Heresee)
Nick Forté – “Druse” – Primordial Forms (Amish Records)
Can’t – “One Chance/Happy Futures” – Can’t (Ultra Eczema)
Reynols – “Untitled” – Barbatrulos (Freedom From)
Dire Wolves – “Sounds Of Pleasure” – The Bernal Codex (Pome Pome Tones)
Warmer Milks – “Celebration” – split with The Collection Of The Late Howell Band (Begonia Society)
Margarida Garcia and Manuel Mota – “Crypt II” – Crypt (Yew)
Parashi – “Recombinant Field” – Pilot’s Salt (Retrograde Tapes)
Skin Graft – “Untitled” – Damned (Catholic Tapes)
Black Leather Jesus – “Damaged By The Act” – Even Deeper (Robert & Leopold)


Form Destroyer #31 (7/21/15)

Eno Moebius Roedelius – “The Belldog” – After The Heat (Sky Records; re-issue on Water) (R.I.P. Dieter Moebius)
Harmonia – “Sehr Kosmisch” – Musik Von Harmonia (Brain; re-issue on Lilith) (R.I.P. Dieter Moebius)
Cluster – “Sowiesoso” – Sowiesoso (Sky Records; re-issue on Water) (R.I.P. Dieter Moebius)
Ash Ra Tempel – “Jenseits” – Join Inn (Ohr; re-issue on MG.ART)
Grouper – “Made Of Air” – Ruins (Kranky/Yellow Electric)
Emeralds – “Magic” – Solar Bridge (Hanson Records)
Jim O’Rourke – “Long Night Pt. 2” – Long Night (Streamline)
Family Battle Snake – “Untitled” – Subtle Hole Equation (JK Tapes)
Leslie Keffer – “Velvet Dock” – Feels Like Frenching (Ecstatic Peace!)
Burning Star Core – “20.04.06 Bristol @ Cube Microplex” – The ‘Labyrinth Of The Minotaur’ Spring Tour: United Kingdom Live Report 2006 (Dronedisco)
MV Carbon – “Spiral Stabilimenta” – The Shaft (Period Tapes)

Noise, Drone and Industrial

Form Destroyer #30 (7/7/15)

Pod Blotz – “Die And Come Alive” – Glass Tears (Clandestine Records)
C.C.C.C. – “Sonic Machine” – Cosmic Coincidence Control Center (Endorphine Factory)
The Rita – “Untitled” – Gamzatti (Total Black)
Viodre – “Sons’ Banner” – Interpol Alchemi (Hospital Productions)
Emil Beaulieau – “Untitled” – Anti-Performance (RRRecords)
The Gerogerigegege – “Ai-Jin” – Ai-Jin (Vis A Vis Audio Arts)/Singles 1985-1993 (Work In Progress)
Smell & Quim – “Faeces Donor (Kebab)” – Retract Your Balls It’s Smell & Quim (Banned Production)
AMM – “After Rapidly Circling The Plaza” – AMMMusic (Elektra; re-issue on ReR Megacorp/Matchless Recordings)
The Dead C – “Pussyfooting” – The Dead C (Language Recordings)
Blood Stereo – “Live, Brighton” – Enfold The Hiss (Chocolate Monk)
Mlehst – “Opposites Meeting” – This Pain Does Not Belong To Me (Self Abuse Records)

Tribute to Ornette Coleman

Form Destroyer #29 (6/16/15)

A tribute to Ornette Coleman (1930 – 2015)

Ornette Coleman – “We Now Interrupt For A Commercial” – New York Is Now (Blue Note)
The Ornette Coleman Quartet – “Kaleidoscope” – This Is Our Music (Atlantic)
The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet – “Free Jazz” – Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation By… (Atlantic)
Ornette Coleman – “IV” – Chappaqua Suite (Columbia)
Ornette Coleman – “The Alchemy Of Scott La Faro” – The Art Of The Improvisers (Atlantic)
The Ornette Coleman Quartet – “C & D” – Ornette! (Atlantic)
Ornette Coleman – “Science Fiction” – Science Fiction (Columbia)
Ornette Coleman – “Dedication To Poets And Writers” – Town Hall 1962 (ESP-Disk’)
Ornette Coleman/Master Musicians Of Jajouka – “Midnight Sunrise” – Dancing In Your Head (Horizon)
The Ornette Coleman Quartet – “Beauty Is A Rare Thing” – This Is Our Music (Atlantic)
Ornette Coleman – “Chronology” – The Shape Of Jazz To Come (Atlantic)
Ornette Coleman – “Lonely Woman” – The Shape Of Jazz To Come (Atlantic)


Form Destroyer #28 (6/2/15)

Hair Police – “On Dark And Bloody Ground” – On Dark And Bloody Ground (Hospital Productions)
Reverse Mouth – “Somebody Put Something In My Drink (Hair)” – split with Blastocyst (Phase! Records/Heat Retention Records)
Relay For Death – “Untitled” – Birth Of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ (Hanson Records)
Macronympha – “Shatterbrain Jazz Anomaly” – Baroque (Less Than Zero; re-issue on Industrial Recollections)
Andrew Coltrane – “Untitled” – Eichstatt (Ascarid Records)
Yellow Tears – “Nectars Of The Passion” – The Pissmop LP (Hospital Productions)
Grey Daturas – “Owly Claw” – Owly Claw Hammer (Emperor Jones)
Ramleh – “Hole In The Heart” – Hole In The Heart (Broken Flag; re-issued on Dirter Promotions)
Locrian – “Ghost Repeater” – Drenched Lands (At War With False Noise/Small Doses)
KTL – “20080520 Johnny Brendas, Philiadelphia, PA, USA” – Live Archive Vol. 4 (Dead Accents)
Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith – “2002” – 5 Years (VHF Records)

Tribute to ESP-Disk' and its founder Bernard Stollman

Form Destroyer #27 (4/21/15)
A tribute to ESP-Disk’ and its founder Bernard Stollman (1929-2015)

Marion Brown – “Why Not?” – Why Not? (ESP-Disk’)
Albert Ayler – “Ghosts: First Variation” – Spiritual Unity (ESP-Disk’)
Albert Ayler/Don Cherry/John Tchicai/Roswell Rudd/Gary Peacock/Sonny  Murray – “A Y” – New York Eye And Ear Control (ESP-Disk’)
Charles Tyler Ensemble – “Three Spirits” – Charles Tyler Ensemble (ESP-Disk’)
Ornette Coleman – “Doughnut” – Town Hall 1962 (ESP-Disk’)
Frank Lowe – “In Trane’s Name” – Black Beings (ESP-Disk’)
New York Art Quartet – “No. 6” – New York Art Quartet (ESP-Disk’)
Sun Ra – “Cosmic Chaos” – The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Volume II (ESP-Disk’)
Patty Waters – “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair” – Sings (ESP-Disk’)
Pearls Before Swine – “Translucent Carriages” – Balaklava (ESP-Disk’)
The Holy Modal Rounders – “The I.W.W. Song” – Indian War Whoop (ESP-Disk’)
Sun Ra – “The Cosmos” – The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Volume I (ESP-Disk’)


Form Destroyer #26 (4/7/15):

Styrofoam Sanchez – “Last Molecule” – Empire Underwater (Ratskin Records)
Lustmord – “Heresy Part VI” – Heresy (Soleilmoon Recordings)
Demdike Stare – “Repository Of Light” – Voices Of Dust (Modern Love)/Tryptych (Modern Love)
Muslimgauze – “Xiao” – United States Of Islam (Extreme)
Dalglish – “Onair” – Dorcha Aigeann (Ge-stell)
Moniek Darge & Graham Lambkin – “Indian Weather Trap” – Indian Soundies (Kye/Penultimate Press)
Vanessa Rossetto – “This Is A Recorder” – Whole Stories (Kye)
John Wiese – “Solitaire” – Deviate From Balance (Gilgongo Records)
Jon Eriksen – “Rabbit Hole” – Shadowanthems (Elm Recordings/Norwegian Megatrends)
Pauline Oliveros – “Primordial/Lift” – Primordial/Life (Deep Listening Institute/Institute For Electronic Arts)


Form Destroyer #25 (3/17/15):

Christian Marclay – “Pandora’s Box” – v/a: Plow! (Organik)/Records (Atavistic)
Thoabath – “On Her Smokey Chariot” – Through Smoke And Feathers (Black Horizons)
Kama Rupa – “Absence” – Sistinas Sanguis (Chondritic Sound)
Coil – “At The Heart Of It All” – Scatology (Force & Form)
Deviation Social – “Counter Exist” – Practice/Demo. June-Oct. 81 (PPresence Records; re-issue on Dais Records)
Dreamcrusher – “Nucleus” – Antipop (Dionysian Tapes)
Siobhan – “New Wave Retailing” – Southgate (Opal Tapes)
Portion Control – “Fiends” – I Staggered Mentally (In Phaze Records; re-issue on Dark Entries)
Bonus Beast – “Absolute Zero” – Absolute Zero (Smart Brains Records)
(VxPxC) – “Untitled” – Of Indeterminate Age (Phantom Limb Recordings)
Charalambides – “Voice For You” – Joy Shapes (Kranky)
Robert Turman – “Cascara Sagrada” – Lands & Grooves (self-released)
Mike Shiflet – “Untitled” – Cycles (905 Tapes)
Oren Ambarchi – “This Evening So Soon” – Suspension (Touch)

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Form Destroyer

Form Destroyer #24 (2/17/15):

AG Davis – “5-On Lone On #File” – Transfers For Voice And Piano [New Directions In Sound Poetry] (unreleased)
Donna Parker – “Fond Absence” – Sept 2006 Tour (self-released)
Vertonen – “Dies Irae” – The Women Men Leave Their Wives For (Crippled Intellect Productions)
Radio Ruido – “All Artifacts/Magda/The Reflex” / “Green Globe/Libro Roto” – False Rosetta (free103point9)
C. Lavender – “Untitled” – Body Heat (self-released)
Scott Arford – “Screen Test” – 7HZ (split with Randy H.Y. Yau and Michael Nine) (Auscultare Research/Ground Fault Recordings)
Collin McKelvey – “Sounds From The Cave Into Non-Classical Synthesized Voice Modules” – split with Headboggle (905 Tapes)
Anla Courtis – "...Ja Välon Säihke Ei Tunne Rajoja..." - Y El Resplandor De La Luz No Conoce Límites (267 Lattajjaa)/ Las Sales Fundentes (OM Discos)
Allegory Chapel Ltd. – “Mono No Aware” – Codex Demi-Monde (self-released; re-issue on Chondritic Sound)
PBK -  “Birth Of The Warfare State” – Warfare State (PBK Recordings; re-issue on Impulsy Stetoskopu)
BLSPHM – “Untitled” – Harm (Dead Accents)
Viodre – “Live In Columbus” – Deep Blue Series (Collapsed Hole)
Ahlzagailzehguh – “Damaging Habits” – Damaging Habits (SRR; re-issue on Collapsed Hole)
Cock E.S.P. – “Too Fat For Love”/”Kickstart My Hard-On”/”Raise Your Hands To Cock” – split with Extreme Noise Terror (Little Mafia Records)
Good Area – “Daylight Savings Time” – Pronunciation (Hanson Records)


Lea Bertucci – “An Unbroken Plane” – Light Silence, Dark Speech (I Dischi Del Barone)

Chapels – “Breath Sounds Frozen” – Call It Killing You Off (Imminent Frequencies)

The Hafler Trio -  “Tourist With Pendulum” – Dislocation (Staalplaat; re-issue on Korm Plastics)

Nurse With Wound – “She Alone Hole And Open” – To The Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl (United Dairies)

Jazkamer – “Variations Of A Failed State Of Mind 6 & 7” - Failed State Of Mind (Pica Disk)

Organum – “Sanctus III” – Sanctus (Robot Records)

PGR – “Asleep In The Shadow Of The Lions Cage” – The Flickering Of Sowing Time


Zoviet France – “Untitled” – Mohnomishe (Red Rhino Records; re-issue on Charrm)

Nephila – “Bent With The Wind” – Subcutaneous Memory (Monorail Trespassing)

Kluster – “Kluster 4” – Zwei-Osterei (Schwann; re-issue on Water)

Hells Hills – “Silk Of The World” – The Pearled Ether (Wodger)

Lea Bertucci

Lea Bertucci




Form Destroyer #22 (12/16/14):

Echo Beds – “Arsonist Alibi Pt. II” – Arsonist Alibi (self-released)
Kevin Drumm/John Wiese – “Untitled” – Untitled (Nihilist)
John Mannion – “Slice Through The Centerpoint” - Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal (Hanson Records)
Grasshopper – “Snake Crucifix” – Dark Sabbath: Symbols Of Evil (Hausu Mountain)
Jazzfinger – “Beneath Our Fathers Field” – Mole & The Morning Dew (Spirit Of Orr Records)
Rambutan & Parashi – “Vision (Disclosure)” – Monomania (Tape Drift Records)
Tom Carter – “Psyche Kinein” – Shots At Infinity 1 (Important Records)
Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Lisbon” – Lisbon (Kranky)
William Basinski – “dlp 4” – The Disintegration Loops III (2062)
Millions – “Untitled” – The Message (905 Tapes)









Form Destroyer #21 (12/2/14):

Headboggle – “In Santasound (excerpt)” – split with Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet (Ratskin Records)
Borbetomagus – “Untitled” – Barbed Wire Maggots (Agaric Records)
Anthony Braxton – “To Composer John Cage” – For Alto (Delmark Records)
Art Ensemble Of Chicago – “Unanka” – Bap-Tizum (Atlantic)
The Nihilist Spasm Band – “Destroy The Nations” – No Record (Allied Record Corporation; re-issue on Alchemy Records)
TwistyCat – “Crystal Skulls” – Bore Hole (Baked Tapes)
AMK – “A Reciprocal Recital” – Recant (Wholeness Recordings)
Christian Marclay – “Jimi Hendrix” – More Encores (No Man’s Land; re-issue on ReR Megacorp)
Peach Of Immortality – “2 December 84” – Talking Heads ’77 (Adult Contemporary Recordings; re-issue on Fused Coil)
Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau – “Once Again – Playclock” – Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau (Utmarken)
Philip Jeck – “Museum” – 7 (Touch)
Colorguard – “Untitled” – Channels (Elm Recordings)





Form Destroyer #20 (11/18/14):

Dreamcrusher – “La Haine” – Haine (This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern/Lazed In You)
Deutsch Nepal – “Collapsing Surface” – Erosion (Staalplaat)
16 Bitch Pile-Up – “Untitled” – Bury Me Deep (Troniks)
Trepaneringsritualen – “Blodregn” - Konung Dómaldr Vid Upsala Hängd (Merzbild)
Maurizio Bianchi – “Neuro Habitat” – Neuro Habitat (Mectpyo Sounds; re-issue on Abgurd)
Damion Romero – “Untitled” – Fade To Useless (Banned Production)
Aaron Dilloway & C. Spencer Yeh – “Ahab” – The Squid (Hanson Records)
Sindre Bjerga – “No Loops” – Future Jazz Loops (Fabrica Records)
Ashtray Navigations – “Untitled” – Four Raga Moods (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers; re-issue on Revival)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – “Goatherder/Void” – Demo (Meaning Corrupted)





Form Destroyer #19 (11/4/14):

A Handful Of Dust – “He Who Eats The Maggots Of The Palmtree” – From A Soundtrack To The Anabase Of St-John Perse (Corpus Hermeticum; re-issue on Imminent Frequencies)
Richard Youngs – “Part III” – Advent (No Fans Records; re-issue on Table Of The Elements)
Marcus Schmickler/Hayden Chisholm – “Amazing Daze (for Phill Niblock)” – Amazing Daze (Hapna)
Charlemagne Palestine – “Schlingen-Blangen” – Schlingen-Blangen (New World Records)
La Monte Young & The Theatre Of Eternal Music – “Raag Bhairava (Excerpt)” – Raag Bhairava (no label)
Vibracathedral Orchestra – “The Least Painful Earrings” – Versatile Arab Chord Chart (VHF Records)
Fursaxa – “Tyranny” – The Cult From Moon Mountain (Sylph)/Amulet (Last Visible Dog)
Alan Licht – “All Blues (For Phill Niblock And James McNew)” – Rabbi Sky (Siltbreeze)
Two Years On Welfare – “Receiver” – Receiver (Ranky Tanky)
Keiji Haino – “Affection” – Affection (P.S.F. Records)
Roy Montgomery – “Pressed Bloom” – split with Grouper (self-released)




Form Destroyer 10-28-14


Form Destroyer #18 (10/28/14):

Voice Crack – “Air” – Shock_Late (Entenpfuhl) 

The Tenses – “Live At The Port” – split with Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau (Green Records)

Dead Machines – “Untitled” - Human Brain Wasting Syndrome (Ecstatic Peace!)

Sexorcyst – “Untitled” - Sangue L'Esorsista (Tusco/Embassy)

Kevin Shields – “10.26.05” – False Prophet (Deathbomb Arc/RRRecords/Entropic Tarot)

Wretched Worst – “Sisters’ Piss” – Sisters’ Piss (Ranky Tanky)

Club Moral – “Exces Kontrol” – Mit Neuen Waffen (Club Moral; re-issue on Trash Ritual)

Whitehouse – “On Top” – Birthdeath Experience (Come Organisation; re-issue on Very Friendly)

Silent Girlfriend – “Never” – Backstabbing Female Supremacist (self-released)

Pseudocode – “No More Groan” – Europa (Insane Music/Pseudo Records; re-issue on EE Tapes)

Severed Heads – “Exploring The Secrets Of Treating Deaf Mutes” – Since The Accident (Ink Records; re-issue on Medical Records)

Alberich – “Sacrifice Deployment” – NATO-Uniformen (Hospital Productions)

Bonus Beast – “Untitled” – Bonus Beast (self-released)