November 26th

 Form Destroyer #2 (11/26/13):

Blood Stereo – “The Moaning Throne” – The Magnetic Headache (Bottrop Boy; re-issue on Chocolate Monk)
C. Lavender – “Leaving The Civilized World” – Meet Me At The Station (Spectral Evidence)
Metalux – “Rotisserarie Voodoo Llama” – Waiting For Armadillo (Load Records)
Pod Blotz – “In The Dreamhouse” – Timeless (Dungeon Taxis)
Merzbow – “Untitled” – Age Of 369 (Lowest Music & Arts; re-issue on Extreme)
Spine Scavenger – “Pigs (excerpt)/Point Me To The Ground” – Pigs (Chondritic Sound)
Kevin Drumm – “Nightside” – Tannenbaum (Hospital Productions)
Oren Ambarchi – “Inamorata” – In The Pendulum’s Embrace (Southern Lord)
Derek Rogers – “Linear Truths” – Saturations (Greenup Industries)
Gown – “On The River” – On The River (House Of Alchemy)
Richard Youngs – “The Bells Of Spring” – Under Stellar Stream (Jagjaguwar)
Xome – “Insignificant Maneuvers” – split with Jolthrower (Ratskin Records)
York Factory Complaint – “Nervous Tissue” – Apology (Dais Records)
Skin Graft – “Untitled” – In Cracked Cement (THIRDSEX)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – “The Endless Blockade” – Blue Sabbath Black
Cheer (Gnarled Forest)/The Endless Blockade (Gnarled Forest/What We Do Is Secret)